General Texas Residential Enrollment Information

If your service is located in an

CenterPoint (Houston), TMNP (Dallas/Ft. Worth), or Oncor (Dallas/Ft. Worth) area...

Nueces Electric Cooperative Retail Division (NEC RD) is proud to be a qualified competitive retail electric provider (CR) in the AEP North service area in Texas. Thank you for considering NEC RD to supply your power needs. Click on the links below to obtain more information.


1. Review the NEC Retail Division Terms of Service and the  General Texas Area Prices (Fact Sheet)

2. Download the Residential Enrollment Form

3. Review, Print and Complete the form

4. Fax or mail your completed form with your signature:  (Fax) 361-387-2919  or (Mail) P.O. Box 260970, Corpus Christi, TX 78426

Contact a New Service Coordinator at 361-767-7312 or 1-855-632-7348 for further information.

To qualify, please be sure you meet the following requirements:

Meet "satisfactory credit" requirements as allowed by the Public Utility Commission of Texas (PUCT) in Substantive Rule §25.478. For residential customers...

The quickest way to do this is to authorized NEC RD to do a credit score check (you will be charged $4 on your first bill)

Another option available is for you to request a payment reference letter from your previous provider that proves in the last 12 months of service with the provider you were not late paying your bill more than once and you were not disconnected for non-payment. Ask the provider to fax the letter to NEC RD at 361-387-2919.

Other options are also available to demonstrate satisfactory credit as allowed by the Public Utility Commission of Texas (PUCT) in Substantive Rule §25.478. These are detailed in your Terms of Service document (see below to access your Terms of Service document).

Customers/applicants unable to demonstrate satisfactory credit in accordance with §25.478 of the PUCT Substantive Rules may be required to pay a deposit. Nueces Electric Cooperative Retail Division (NEC RD) may deny electric service to customers/applicants that refuse or are unable to comply with the requirements in Substantive Rule §25.478 and 25.24 of the PUCT Substantive Rules.

A customer/applicant who previously has been a customer of Nueces Electric Cooperative, and whose service was terminated or disconnected for non-payment of their electric bill or theft of service (including fraud or misrepresentation) shall be required, before service is reinstated, to pay all amounts due to Nueces Electric Cooperative, or execute a deferred payment agreement, if eligible, along with any required deposit and fees, as appropriate, and reestablish credit.

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